Polytechnic of Leiria is a public higher education institution that develops its activity in the field of education and research, training citizens to contribute with their relevant skills to regional and national sustainable development, adding cultural, economic and social valued knowledge and innovation to society.

The activities of Polytechnic of Leiria are developed in the sphere of education, training and research, providing several services to the community and extending its cooperation to the technical and cultural fields, investing in well-equipped and modern facilities, to assure quality support services.

Polytechnic of Leiria has a strong identity brand based on the growing research and development (RD&I) unique ecosystem oriented to innovation, to entrepreneurship and to the regional social and economic collaborative business sector. This RD&I ecosystem includes, among others, 5 schools, 15 RD&I centres in areas such as social sciences, education, inclusion, tourism, management, arts and design, legal sciences, health, engineering, sports and life quality, maritime science and technology, 1 technology and knowledge transfer and valuation centre, 2 scientific buildings (CDRSP and CETEMARES), as well as participates in 3 business incubators, 1 business school, 1 business association, 1 technology centre, 1 technology park, 1 collaborative laboratory, 2 regional energy agencies, 1 science centre, and 4 competitiveness technology clusters.


Cátia Marques Cebola

Polytechnic of Leiria


Ana Paula Alves

Polytechnic of Leiria