NTNU Social Research (in Norwegian: NTNU Samfunnsforskning) is one of Norway’s leading interdisciplinary research institutes. The institute is owned by the public university NTNU, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Main research areas are within safety, organizational theory, education, vulnerable groups, space travel, control rooms, and biology. The research team in MediMARE comes from the sub-unit Studio Apertura. Studio Apertura’s research group consists of 22 researchers coming from sociology, social anthropology, psychology, political studies, economics and technology studies. The main goal is to develop new and research-based knowledge about organizations’ challenges and opportunities. Maritime safety has been one of the main research topics for several decades, and we have several ongoing research projects related to the maritime industry.


NTNU Social Research’s core team in MediMARE has extensive research experience in the maritime industry, on topics like seamanship, power issues, governance, safety management, safety culture, fire prevention, bridge design, and tripartite cooperation. Our research has led to a number of books, scientific publications and other communication with the public, the maritime industry, government, etc.

Kristine Vedal Størkersen

NTNU Social Research


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Torgeir K Haavik

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