Maria José Capelo is a Senior Researcher University of Coimbra Institute for Legal Research (UCILeR) and Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra (having started her career as a Law Professor in 1990), where she taught and teaches Civil Procedure, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Consumer Law. Published several works – monographs, articles e comments of jurisprudence – in the areas of Procedure Law, Enforcement, Consumer Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and specific procedures and has been involved in projects that have an international dimension, related to mediation and enforcement of judgments, resulting in publications such as «Enforcement of judgments», in European Preview of Private Law, 1997, pp. 321-428 (with other authors); and «La médiation, voie de justice au Portugal ?», in New Developments in Civil and Commercial Mediation. Global Comparative Perspectives, Carlos Esplugues (Ed), Louis Marquis (Ed), pp. 547-556, Springer, 2015.