Lia T. Vasconcelos, Professor at the Department of Environmental Engineering, NOVA University of Lisbon/researcher, MARE - Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre - - (being the coordinator of the Governance and Literacy Thematic Line of the Centre) focus her work on innovative decision-making processes, namely in developing methodologies for engaging multi-stakeholders – including the civil society  – in participatory processes aiming new forms of governance and collaborative public policy. Principal Researcher and Founding member of WTeam up Participation and Empowerment (since 2001) – an action-research group in collaborative processes, with the aim to improve group dynamics and interactive methodologies. Editor/author of several publications (e.g., Sustainability in the 21st century – The Power of Dialogue, 2015). In 2020, the book Mediação Ambiental da lei à Prática: à Luz dos Princípios da Lei nº 29/2013 where she is a co-autora[1]was launched. She has coordinated national and international projects, particularly the participative component, and received several awards: Prize of Iconic Women Creating a Better World For ALL - Associations that Work 2019, Responsible Research Innovation 2015, Significant Participatory Practices, Prize of Collaborative Research 2013-2014 and Communication Award 2013. (

[1] Cebola, C., Lopes, D., Vasconcelos, L. & Caser, U. (2020). Mediação Ambiental da lei à Prática: à Luz dos Princípios da Lei nº 29/2013 (“Environmental Mediation from law to practice of the Principles of Law nº 29/2013”) Coimbra: Gestlegal, 216 pp. ISBN: 978-9-898-95134-2.